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SAP, a German company founded in 1972, is headquartered in Waldorf, Germany. It has over 60000 employees worldwide, covering over 130 countries and regions, and has a network of partners covering over 11500 enterprises worldwide.

As of now, over 232000 customers in 188 countries worldwide are benefiting from SAP solutions, including 80% of Fortune 500 companies and 87% of the most valuable Fortune 500 brands. SAP's cloud users have exceeded 150 million.

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SAP stands for "Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing". It has two meanings:

Firstly, SAP is the company name, also known as SAP Company. Secondly, it is the software name of ERP (Enterprise wide Resource Planning) under SAP Company. It is a pioneer in ERP solutions and the world's number one ERP software, dedicated to providing comprehensive information technology solutions for enterprises of various industries and sizes.

The world's largest supplier of collaborative solutions for enterprises
The world's third largest independent software supplier
The world's largest ERP software provider
50 years of ERP implementation experience

As a leading global provider of enterprise management software solutions, SAP is committed to helping enterprises of different sizes in various industries achieve excellent operations. From the enterprise backend to the company decision-making level, from factory warehouses to store fronts, from computer desktops to mobile terminals, SAP helps users and enterprises efficiently collaborate to gain business insights and stand out from competition, helping customers achieve profitable operations, continuously improving adaptability, and achieving sustainable growth.

SAP related suites and their product lines
SAP S/4 HANA Cloud
SAP Business One
SAP Analytics Cloud
SAP S/4 HANA Cloud

SAP S/4HANA Cloud [Intelligent Cloud ERP] is the fourth generation in memory intelligent ERP suite created by SAP for emerging business models. Based on the SAP HANA in memory computing platform, it integrates AI machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT), and predictive and business analysis intelligence technologies to help enterprises innovate business processes and create business value in the digital economy era.

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The era of smart enterprises has arrived, how should enterprises innovate and innovate their business processes? SAP S/4HANA can make a huge leap for your enterprise. It can help your enterprise implement transformation and achieve business growth, and adapt to the development of the enterprise. You can make wise decisions faster and allow customers to benefit from your innovative achievements.

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SAP Business One

SAP Business One is an ERP management suite for small and medium-sized enterprises, which can expand with the development of the enterprise, connect and simplify business processes, and help small enterprises or branch offices strengthen their control over themselves. Support private deployment, cloud deployment, and mobile apps to help enterprises pay attention to business operations anytime, anywhere.

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SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution integrates business intelligence, enhanced and predictive analysis, and planning capabilities into a unified Saas cloud environment. As the analysis layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform, this solution can support advanced analysis across the entire enterprise, helping enterprises achieve one-stop data value mining and business insights.

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Some customers served by SAP in various fields
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SAP Gold Partner - TransInfo
Translnfo Information Technology Co.,Ltd.

Scapes is an SAP Gold Partner and a one-stop digital transformation solution provider for enterprises,Founded in 2008 by a professional team of information technology consultants, we are committed to providing professional digital transformation services for growth oriented enterprises.

Over the past 15 years, Translnfo has been providing comprehensive digital transformation services to over 600 corporate clients, including Greenland Group, SF Holdings, Karabao Beverages, Perfect Diary, Instrument&Electric Group, Zijiang Group, Jiarong Technology, Shengyang Technology, Qingyuan Technology, Tailian Pet Products, Haipai Smart Home, Taikai Group, CharlesRiver, and Shengde Huaxing Group, using SAP as the platform.

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