SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP Analytics Cloud solution integrates business intelligence, enhanced and predictive analysis, and planning capabilities into a unified Saas cloud environment. As the analysis layer of the SAP Business Technology Platform, this solution can support advanced analysis across the entire enterprise, helping enterprises achieve one-stop data value mining and business insights.

Enterprise Business Analysis Suite
Leveraging the Value of Data
Cloud deployment
Rapid Deployment
Senior Team

Using commercial predictions and analysis,

Can help you make the right decisions and win the competition!

Utilize SAP BI business analysis system solutions to visualize business data, gain reliable data insights, and help you make confident decisions.

SAP Analytics Cloud Core Components
Realize data visualization analysis assistance, reliable insights, and integrated planning processes to help enterprises make more informed decisions.
Digital conference hall
Intelligent Business Analysis
Enterprise Plan Forecast
Instant messaging value
Assisting efficient decision-making
Digital conference hall
Promote efficient collaboration among decision makers

SAP Digital Boardroom's innovative board meeting experience invites executives to interact based on insights through innovative and contextualized user experiences, achieving more valuable results.

• Simulate the impact on finance and operations, and make more confident decisions.

• 360 ° full view, with a touchable and linked display screen to visualize insights across all business lines and operations.

Intelligent Business Analysis
Efficient analysis of enterprise data

Utilize intuitive self-service analysis capabilities to mine data from the entire organization and provide insights for decision-making.

• Self service data modeling and data preparation: Set key performance indicators, dimensions, and hierarchical structures, and automatically organize data to gain deeper insights.

• Data mining and visualization: Deeply analyze data of various scales, create interactive visualization content and data stories, gain insights from them, and inspire audiences.

• Enhanced analysis: Utilize machine generated analysis results and insights to complete the final step of data-driven decision-making.

• Hypothesis simulation: Simulate any scenario to understand the impact of decisions and improve business outcomes.

Enterprise Plan Forecast
Powerful planning and forecasting module

By creating and seamlessly connecting financial and operational plans within the same solution, users can develop integrated plans, make real-time predictions, and improve business outcomes.

• Predictive planning: Utilize predictive tools and machine learning tools to predict business requirements, and maintain business agility through visual navigation, intuitive charts, and natural language exploration of results.

• Comprehensive budgeting and analysis: With the help of SAP S/4HANA, SAP SuccessFactors [HR Cloud] solution, and SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain [Integrated Business Planning Cloud], integrate transaction processing, analytical processing, and planning processes to develop plans across all business lines.

• Collaboration: Post comments online on any device and engage in group discussions, collaborating across plans around data points, reports, and stories.

• Scenario planning: Create and modify multiple versions of a unified interconnected planning model through a unified cloud interface, enabling data-driven budgeting, forecasting, and analysis.

Instant messaging value
Multidimensional information acquisition anytime, anywhere

Get the answer with just a few clicks. SAP Analytics Cloud can generate accurate data visualization and perform real-time queries based on data from different sources.

• Connection: Real time connection or import of data, covering the entire business line from pre installed and cloud data sources, to obtain a complete view.

• Preparation: Clean and model the data, utilizing the built-in first-class data organization function. Machine learning improves speed through suggestive transmission and automated processes.

• Analysis: Business reports are never identical. Dynamically create visual stories based on key business areas. Interact and drill down to obtain detailed information.

Assisting efficient decision-making
Combined analysis tools

By enabling users to easily customize and combine various analytical applications, including guided analysis applications, advanced planning applications, and intelligent applications, enterprises can improve the speed and quality of decision-making.

• Design flexibility: Customize analysis and planning applications to meet the unique business needs of the entire enterprise, and automatically discover the business drivers behind core KPIs.

• Rich functionality: Provides functions such as business intelligence, enhanced analysis, predictive analysis, business planning, and various custom components to support users in designing applications with rich functionality.

• Business centric solutions: Support business users in designing low code/no code applications, shifting from executing a technology driven agenda to developing business centric solutions.

• Improve the work efficiency of application developers by providing a large number of reusable components, flexible modular APIs, and open connectors.

What can SAP Analytics Cloud bring you?
Provide real-time business data analysis value for enterprises, timely insight into key data, and improve enterprise sensitivity.
Integrate planning and analysis processes to improve decision-making agility

Provide users with a consistent user experience, quickly convert insights into action, utilize cloud analysis technology, simulate any business scenario, and automatically generate plans based on predicted results.

Obtaining unique business insights and analysis from valuable enterprise data

Empower enterprises with insight based on actual business scenarios, extract value from multidimensional data, visualize it, and combine real-time analysis capabilities to quickly make business decisions based on analysis results.

Support advanced analysis and scaling across the entire enterprise

Implement multiple extensions of enterprise analysis capabilities to meet the needs of your business and different users for all decision types, including strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

Building cutting-edge analytical methods with comprehensive BI solutions

Innovate the data analysis mode of enterprises, truly unleash the value of data, and a powerful BI system with built-in AI learning technology can automatically generate data-driven insights, continuously improving enterprise analysis capabilities.

SAP Analytics Cloud pre built business content
With the pre built practical business content package from SAP, enterprises can quickly start analyzing and planning scenarios, accelerating project progress.
Easily open personalized scenes
Provide customizable end-to-end content packages specifically designed to handle recommended SAP data sources that involve various business lines.
Industry Excellence Practice
Provide industry-specific excellent analysis and planning practices, which combine the knowledge and experience of SAP business process experts.
Quickly complete setup and achieve business results
Support users to access detailed documents related to KPIs, models, and data flows, and provide sample data and real-time connections in SAP Analytics Cloud, which can help enterprises quickly achieve business results.
Preset analysis directory
Support users to centrally access all analytical content through the homepage, including pre built content, SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence suite, and third-party solutions.
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