SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the fourth generation in memory intelligent ERP suite created by SAP for emerging business models. It inherits SAP's rich accumulation of enterprise management business practices over the past 50 years, runs on the SAP HANA in memory computing platform, integrates AI machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT), and predictive and business analysis intelligent technologies, helping enterprises innovate business processes and create business value in the digital economy era.

S4HANA Cloud
Intelligent Cloud ERP Suite
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Based on industry trends and corporate vision,

SAP provides customized ERP business suites for customers!

Enterprises need to flexibly adopt new business models, improve efficiency, and innovate critical business systems. With the complete modular solution of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, you can continue to maintain the innovation leadership of IT architecture, build industry differentiation advantages, achieve technological breakthroughs and business growth.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Core Capabilities
Preconfigure the best practical experience and industry specific business scenarios to provide comprehensive end-to-end business processes for enterprises.
Intelligent ERP
Service Control
Supply Chain
Intelligent ERP
Embedded intelligent AI automation learning capability

Utilize machine learning, AI process automation, and workflow to automate repetitive tasks and meet the specific business needs and requirements of the enterprise.

• Adopting industry excellence practices

Intelligent cloud ERP ensures that your system remains up-to-date and implements a pre configured process that is always available.

• Achieve breakthrough innovation

Help enterprise managers and employees reshape business models and workflows anytime, anywhere.

• Expanding growth without boundaries

Utilize more new products to gain market share and new customers without increasing complexity.

• Quickly go to the cloud without worry

Utilize proven guidelines and expert guidance from ERP cloud management systems to improve delivery speed and agility.

Improve financial process agility

• Optimize financial management and obtain end-to-end business analysis capabilities.

Adopting automated and simplified intelligent processes to improve financial processing capabilities and adapt to rapidly changing global market demands. 

• Integrate transaction processing, analysis processing, and planning processes to enhance full lifecycle management.

• Implement a subscription and usage based billing model to meet the personalized needs of enterprises.

• Gain insights and suggestions for action when making decisions, enabling real-time evaluation.

Optimize sourcing and procurement processes

• Implement a value driven, compliant, and scalable procurement process.

• Realize centralized procurement, automation, and improve the flexibility and visibility of the entire enterprise.

• By utilizing embedded analysis functions based on machine learning, predict contract performance, optimize negotiation and material management.

• Automatically recommend new catalog items, create contracts for materials that currently do not have contracts, and match the required free text items for material groups.

• Automatically match and clear accounts payable, while providing recommendations for projects that cannot be automatically cleared.

Enhance customer experience

• Implement intelligent sales activity management to stay ahead of the competition.

• Customer relationship management and support for pre-sales, service order management, and customer interaction.

• Utilize a unified SAP system to reduce data redundancy, streamline processes, reduce business documents, and reduce overall complexity.

• Utilize advanced committed quantity checking function to determine customer order commitment dates based on real-time inventory information and improve customer satisfaction.

• The sales solution software package that adopts unified pricing and invoicing supports end-to-end processes.

Service Control
Creating excellent personalized services

• Comprehensively analyze the entire service product portfolio, innovate services, and create a loyal customer base.

• Implement end-to-end management of commercial services, including integrated order fulfillment, invoicing, and financial processes.

• From planning to order fulfillment, the entire process is based on unified platform management technology and service control.

• Achieve comprehensive visibility of operations, supporting tracking, visualization, analysis, and interactive processing of data.

Accelerate the realization of innovative value

• Optimize research and engineering processes, realize value through new personalized products, and transform digital innovation into competitive advantages.

• Implement comprehensive project financial and logistical controls to ensure effective project operation within budget.

• Utilize resource management functions to manage resources for individual projects and entire project portfolios, including demand and production capacity.

• Use product compliance and hazardous material management functions to ensure safe handling of materials.

• Adopting product lifecycle management functionality to manage the entire process from design to variant configuration.

Creating a Visual Manufacturing System

• Implement intelligent manufacturing processes from design to operation and maintenance, and fully utilize innovative achievements to achieve success in the market.

• Real time insight into the work center and resource and capacity utilization, understanding workload allocation, and making timely and real-time adjustments.

• With the help of real-time planning function, it supports users to respond to demands and changes in confirmed orders.

• Realize large-scale production of individual and personalized components while significantly reducing manual intervention.

• Support collaboration between original equipment manufacturers and contract service providers to quickly fulfill custom orders while reducing inventory and waste.

Supply Chain
Building an Agile Supply Chain

• Reduce uncertainty in the supply chain and gain significant competitive advantages.

• Build an agile and interconnected smart supply chain to quickly respond to various situations.

• Efficient control of inventory transfer orders, reasonable planning and arrangement of goods in transit.

• Real time inventory management, unlimited synchronization of material movement, and true transparency of inventory and material flow.

• A unified warehouse management platform that supports efficient processing of all warehouse operations.

• Intelligent MRP process, supporting all materials, including unconstrained materials and materials that require advanced planning based on constraints.

​Optimize enterprise asset management

• Plan, schedule, and execute the maintenance and operation activities of the enterprise through optimized integrated processes.

• Reasonably allocate and optimize all resources, including personnel, tools, and materials, through integrated scheduling.

• Comprehensive management of environmental, health, and safety data, including response and analysis.

• Proactively identify, manage, and execute tasks to improve safety and operational performance, while reducing environmental impacts.

• Strengthen collaboration and auditing, transform asset management models, and achieve excellent operations.

What can SAP S/4HANA Cloud bring to you?
From the core operation of the enterprise as the center, drive the transformation and upgrading of enterprise management.
Proven Excellence in Practice

By delivering pre activated business innovation scope, end-to-end processes, and built-in localization, cloud ERP can provide business processes that integrate industry standard excellent practices, adopt standardization the fastest and operate efficiently on a global scale.

Enhance users' digital user experience

SAP Fiori is role-based and can provide a browser user experience on any device, while also providing embedded user guides to ensure consistency in user experience.

Insight, AI Intelligence, and Automation

Provide real-time value of business data, utilizing the latest technologies such as embedded artificial intelligence, machine learning, robot process automation, and analysis to help enterprises flexibly respond to changes in the situation, accelerate decision-making, improve efficiency, and enhance user capabilities, thereby making ERP more intelligent and optimizing business operations.

Having continuous innovative IT value

The updates of ERP are fully managed by SAP, allowing you to always adopt the latest version without investing a significant amount of IT resources, experience leading features and technologies, bring differentiated competitive advantages to the enterprise, and provide continuous innovation with minimal interruption, maximum agility, and lowest overall cost.

Security, compliance, and scalability

SaaS intra application extension, parallel extension, and stack ABAP enhancement ensure maximum ERP scalability while maintaining a streamlined core. In addition, it also includes backup and disaster recovery, system maintenance and data protection, as well as ensuring excellent uptime, allowing you to rest assured.

Promote green and sustainable development of enterprises

Integrate sustainable development data into end-to-end business processes running in renewable energy based data centers, optimize business process experience and efficiency, and bring long-term development momentum to enterprises.

Leading the industry with SAP S/4HANA Cloud
Deploy a cloud enterprise ERP management system, based on industry excellence practices, achieve new breakthroughs, efficiently operate, build, and improve your business processes, always taking the lead.
Drive revenue growth
Help enterprises build innovative business models globally, explore the path of business transformation with SAP ERP enterprise management software partners, easily transition from product based business operations to service based business operations, and open up new business growth points. Provide real-time data detection function, allowing users to grasp usage and customer experience data anytime and anywhere, and flexibly respond to unexpected situations.
Achieve profit growth
Provide enterprises with proven and excellent business processes. The SAP enterprise ERP management system breaks down the information barriers between enterprises and various departments within the enterprise, helping business parties to obtain real-time and personalized business insights anytime and anywhere, and strengthening collaboration. The addition of technologies such as RPA and artificial intelligence enables enterprise ERP software to automatically manage all end-to-end operational processes and continuously improve profits.
Creating environmental benefits
Green, circular, and sustainable are the development concepts of the new generation of ERP management software. The SAP enterprise ERP management system can help enterprises monitor the operation of industrial and service chains anytime and anywhere, adjust operations and processes, and continuously reduce emissions, waste, and environmental impacts. Enterprises can develop and implement enterprise level management measures through the compliant management report provided by the SAP ERP solution, and proactively meet regulatory requirements.
Explore unlimited development potential
Join hands with SAP Gold Partner TransInfo to help enterprises take off. The SAP enterprise ERP management system is equipped with the latest global management standards, helping enterprises always meet strict compliance and security requirements and continuously expand compliance.
SAP S/4HANA Cloud is a fully integrated intelligent cloud based ERP system
In the digital economy era, cloud technology is a key driving factor for innovation. SAP S/4HANA Cloud combines end-to-end best practice processes with intelligent technology for customers to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.
• Expand or configure the SAP S/4HANA Cloud process based on your actual business needs.
• Create customized extension programs and applications using SDK and SAP Cloud Platform.
• Customers can directly develop their applications into the S/4HANA Cloud public cloud stack.
• With over 400 available APIs, customers can easily innovate, expand, and integrate.
• Localized versions already exist in 51 countries/regions, supporting 32 languages, and accessing and configuring local chemical tool packages.
Intelligent Core
• By combining artificial intelligence and cloud technologies, ERP can provide unlimited possibilities for business process transformation.
• Provide real-time value, analyze and manage business processes in real-time on a unified platform based on actual business data sources.
• Process intelligence and efficiency help enterprises make data-driven business decisions and achieve measurable revenue growth.
• Quick and agile response, real-time monitoring of anomaly based notifications and timely feedback, providing intelligent operation analysis options.
• There are over 200 intelligent scenarios, including AI learning, intelligent robot process automation, and the Internet of Things.
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