Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd
Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd
Equipment manufacturing
Products and Services:Research and development, production, and sales of environmental protection equipment
Headquarters: Xiamen, Fujian
Annual revenue:-
Improved production efficiency
Project management control
Significant cost reduction
Reduction in delayed delivery
SAP ERP empowers Jiarong technology to achieve refined cost control and build a digital workshop!
Customer Overview

Xiamen Jiarong Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jiarong Technology) is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on special membrane separation technology and provides professional solutions to customers. The main core technologies of Jiarong Technology include tubular membrane, special separation nanofiltration membrane (DT/MTNF), and disc tube reverse osmosis (DTRO). The main application fields include garbage leachate treatment, high concentration and high difficulty sewage treatment, and zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater and coal chemical wastewater.

Jiarong Technology has over ten years of experience in the application of special membrane separation technology, successfully implementing over 500 engineering projects, and has rich design and engineering implementation experience in the fields of garbage leachate and high concentration and difficult sewage treatment.

Business Challenges and Objectives
From standard business process construction to the rapid development of efficient digital workshops, Jiarong Technology's information planning:

• Establish an integrated enterprise information system platform, improve internal collaboration efficiency, achieve data and business integration, and optimize supply chain collaboration efficiency, so that all departments of the enterprise form an efficient organic whole;

• Establish a standardized and comprehensive cost accounting plan to achieve accurate collection of manufacturing expenses, allocation of work orders, and transfer of product and sales costs;

• For the production and logistics processes, barcode application runs through the entire process of material circulation, establishing a paperless digital workshop system.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is a leading global provider of enterprise management software, and its industry experience and leading customer base are worthy of reference for Jiarong Technology;

• Scapes has been deeply involved in the manufacturing industry for 16 years, with a mature product and solution system and rich implementation experience in the manufacturing industry.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the joint efforts of TransInfo and Jiarong Technology, with the help of SAP ERP, Jiarong Technology has achieved refined cost control and built an efficient digital workshop

• Guided by project management, a digital management platform has been established covering departments such as Jiarong Technology Sales, Procurement, Technology, Planning, Production, Warehouse, Quality, Operations, Finance, etc;

• Eliminating information silos in various departments of the enterprise, enabling real-time sharing and retrieval of information, improving business response speed and processing efficiency;

• With the help of TransInfo cost accounting solution, we have achieved refined cost accounting logic, enabling Jiarong Technology to effectively control key cost information such as the collection of manufacturing expenses, correspondence of relevant cost elements, and cost allocation of production work orders. We also strictly count the cost expenses of each link, forming clear data reports and providing data support for high-level decision-making;

• With the help of TransInfo barcode solution, key business processes such as manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing have been digitized and interconnected. The system presents real-time production and logistics nodes, significantly improving the overall efficiency of the company, and directly reducing delayed delivery by 90%.

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