Karabao (China) Co., Ltd
Karabao (China) Co., Ltd
Food and Beverage Industry
Products and Services:Energy beverage manufacturing and distribution
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Website: www.chinacarabao.com
Employee: 200+
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Karabao (China) Building a Digital Marketing System with SAP ERP!
Customer Overview

In 2002, Aed Carabao, the most influential and successful lead singer of the Carabao band in Thailand, and his industrialist friend Sathien Setthasit jointly founded the Carabao Carabao energy beverage brand. Subsequently, Carabao embarked on a successful journey as an energy beverage brand, becoming an indispensable living partner for the Thai people in a short period of time.

Nowadays, the Carabao brand has entered the world! Our sales network covers all continents around the world, covering over 38 countries and regions. The Carabao brand gives everyone the spirit and strength to overcome challenges, filling everyone with a fighting spirit, challenging the impossible in life, and constantly advancing towards their goals!

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Integrate the procurement, sales, marketing, supply chain, and finance of Karabao China into one platform, achieving effective management of sales channels, suppliers, distributors, and expense budgets, and establishing a clear digital business platform;

• It is necessary to achieve comprehensive marketing and dealer management for the entire China region, and to effectively control the expenses of each marketing activity. At the same time, it is necessary to automatically settle sales expenses, including warehousing costs, logistics costs, distribution rebates, etc.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is currently a pioneer in global digital business solutions;

• The TransInfo implementation team has rich implementation experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, providing professional advice for Karabao's localization deployment in China and providing good support for Karabao's development.

Benefits of digital transformation

• The first phase of the project has connected the supply chain, finance, and dealer management, established an integrated financial and business platform, and provided complete data support for the operation of Karabao China;

• Establish a complete cost budget control system, effectively decompose and control the annual market budget according to key factors such as plan, project, region, and channel, and achieve automatic settlement of sales expenses, warehousing expenses, and logistics costs;

• Provide a complete, rich, and real-time data analysis and decision-making system for the management of Karabao China;

• Next, Karabao China will further incorporate production management into its information technology planning, coordinate the development of manufacturing and business, and create a complete digital business platform for enterprises.

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