Shanghai Ambor Industrial Technology Co., Ltd
Shanghai Ambor Industrial Technology Co., Ltd
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Products and Services:Design, manufacturing, and supply of high pole lighting systems, wireless communication towers, etc
Headquarters:Shanghai, China
Employee: 400+
Annual revenue: -
Improved production efficiency
Integration rate of finance and business
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Implement effective control by project
Amber Industry utilizes SAP ERP solution to install the "Smart Industry" integrated platform!
Customer Overview

Shanghai Amber Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Amber Industry) is a professional design, manufacturing, and supplier of high pole lighting systems, wireless communication towers, transmission and distribution line poles, and small wind energy towers. Formerly a subsidiary of the famous European high pole steel structure lighting equipment company in China, its parent company has a business history of more than 60 years in Europe. Since 2013, Amber Industry has become an affiliated company with Amber Engineering Structure Company in the United States, and quickly became a world leading small wind energy tower and wireless communication tower technology company, designing and producing wind energy towers for major small wind turbine manufacturers in the world. The management team of Amber Company is composed of professionals who introduced and produced conical steel tower from overseas in early China. The main management personnel and technical experts have been engaged in the design and manufacturing of steel tower since the mid-1990s, accumulating rich practical experience in the production and application of steel tower.

Business Challenges and Objectives
Business Challenges and Objectives As a project-oriented manufacturing enterprise, Amber Industries' management objectives for information technology include:

• Open up the closed loop between the supply chain, manufacturing workshop, and finance, and form an integrated management system with project management as the core;

• Realize collaboration between the factory and foreign sales branches, implement feedback on the execution status of orders, and ensure the steady progress of order projects;

• Enhance project oriented management and control of production processes, and achieve comprehensive and refined production management;

• Establish a data analysis and decision-making system to help senior management make effective decisions based on data.

Why choose SAP and partners

• In the past 40 years, SAP has accumulated strong technical experience in global manufacturing informatization and Industry 4.0;

• TransInfo has rich implementation experience in the manufacturing industry, and project management solutions based on SAP B1 can bring management improvements to Amber Industries.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the tacit cooperation of TransInfo and Amber Industrial project team, Amber Industrial has established an integrated management platform with project management as the core using SAP ERP:

• We have established an integrated financial and business management system, integrating sales branches, engineering design, factories, suppliers, customers, and logistics into one platform, further optimizing the management efficiency of various business departments. The automated SAP system is gradually replacing manual input, standardizing business operations;

• Enhanced management and control of the production process, including business modules such as MRP, job breakdown, production dispatch, material preparation, issuance, return, production warehousing, quality management, etc., and achieved product cost accounting by project, achieving comprehensive and refined production management;

• Amber Industrial achieves cost control and profit analysis at the level of manufacturing cost and gross profit analysis. The finance department can obtain real production data to accurately calculate product costs, and has built a smooth quality management system, placing the entire production process within a visual range;

• Based on the platform of financial and business integration, a multi-dimensional report analysis system has been established through integrated business data, laying a solid data decision-making foundation for the senior management of Amber Industry.

The management team of Amber Company is composed of professionals introduced from overseas in the early stages of China, who are sensitive to the granularity of management. SAP can customize a strong information management platform for the further development of Amber Industry, both in terms of brand and software products

Manager Ding | Information Technology Manager, Shanghai Amber Industrial Technology Co., Ltd
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