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Greenland Holdings leverages SAP ERP to fully achieve financial and business integration!
Customer Overview

Greenland International Hotel Management Group (hereinafter referred to as Greenland Hotel Management Group) has a considerable scale and strength in the Greenland hotel industry. Currently, it has built and is under construction more than 70 hotels, with more than 20000 rooms of various types, and an asset size of over 25 billion yuan. Greenland International Hotel Management Group has become one of the largest hotel property owners and management operators in China. The Green Space Hotel project has spread to 70 cities in 20 provinces and cities across China, including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as overseas cities such as Los Angeles, Sydney, Frankfurt, and Jeju, covering a full range of high-end luxury, vacation and leisure, business and economy products.

Business Challenges and Objectives
The rapid development of Greenland hotels urgently requires a real-time, efficient, and integrated system to support hotel revenue management and achieve:

• Integrate the group headquarters and its hotels on one platform to achieve unified management;

• Provide real-time weekly and monthly reports of various hotels, and timely grasp the main data of their revenue;

• Develop sales goals and performance evaluation standards for each segmented market and channel through systematic business data.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is a leading global ERP software brand that serves numerous Fortune 500 companies;

• The TransInfo consulting team has sufficient experience in the hotel management industry to provide good technical support to Greenland Hotel Management Group.

Benefits of digital transformation

• Establishing an integrated financial and business system, integrating the group and its hotels on a unified platform, effectively supporting hotel revenue management;

• Seamless integration with the front desk and cash register system reduces a significant amount of manual repetitive input;

• Establish a daily procurement supplier and pricing system for each hotel, and quickly respond to the food needs of each restaurant;

• Established comprehensive report analysis support, displaying multi-dimensional reports horizontally and vertically, providing data support for decision-making and analysis;

• The standardized implementation template greatly shortens the implementation process, and the implementation process for a five-star hotel only takes one month.

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