Liaoning Shengde Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd
Liaoning Shengde Huaxing Chemical Co., Ltd
Fine Chemicals
Products and Services:Natural fatty alcohols and surfactants
Headquarters: Liaoyang, China
Employee: 200+
Annual revenue: CNY 1 billion+
Improved communication efficiency
Reduce the risk of manual intervention and reduce costs
Improving Supply Chain Collaboration Efficiency
Data governance, improving data timeliness
SAP helps Shengde Huaxing build an agile organization and establish an integrated digital operation system!
Customer Overview

Liaoning Shengde Huaxing Chemical Group is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jilin Shengde Industrial Group. As the drafting unit of the national standard for natural fatty alcohol products, Shengde Huaxing has established an industrial chain for natural fatty alcohol, ethoxylation, and sulfonation products, providing high-quality anionic surfactants, non ionic surfactants, and other important raw materials for daily chemical, washing, and other industries, It is an important production base for natural fatty alcohols and non-ionic and anionic surfactants in China, and its products are recognized by many daily chemical enterprises such as NAES and Libai, and exported to countries such as Europe and America.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• After the merger and restructuring of Shengde Huaxing Chemical, it is necessary to strengthen control over various factories and branches, establish agile organizations, and achieve compliant operations;

• Solve the problem of information lag and high costs caused by traditional manual work methods and reduce human interference;

• It is necessary to establish a refined cost accounting system, effectively allocate and control various cost structure links, and further enhance the compliance of the group's business;

• It is necessary to obtain key business information indicators in real-time, enhance the group's data governance capabilities, and enhance the effectiveness of decision-making.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP has nearly 50 years of experience in enterprise digital transformation services, with rich experience and strong technology. It has accumulated a large customer base in the chemical industry, fully covering the chemical industry, and is trustworthy;

• As a gold medal partner of SAP, TransInfo has unique insights and mature industry solutions in the chemical industry, which are in line with the demands of Shengde Huaxing Group and meet the current and future expansion planning needs.

Benefits of digital transformation

• With the help of SAP, in line with the production model of single input and multiple outputs in the chemical process industry, Shengde Huaxing effectively controls the entire production process, enabling sales, procurement, warehousing and logistics, production, finance and other departments to timely understand the production process, making the operation of the entire group streamlined and standardized, and reducing the risk of human interference;

• Based on the actual cost accounting logic, the accounting results are refined, achieving cost analysis from various perspectives based on sales orders and production orders;

• After the system is launched, production is determined based on sales, inventory is reasonably optimized, and timely decisions and warnings are made for the procurement of bulk products to avoid blind procurement and improve the overall efficiency of supply chain collaboration;

• With the integrated digital operation system of SAP, senior management of Shengde Huaxing can obtain real-time business data reports, enhancing the timeliness of decision-making.

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