Wuliang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Wuliang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
High-Tech Electronics
Products and Services:Electronic intelligent controller
Headquarters: Hefei, China
Internet site: www.wl3389.cn
Employee: 200+
Annual revenue:-
Improved production efficiency
Inventory Reduction
Improved business collaboration efficiency
1-2 Days
Data Statistics Hours Reduction
SAP ERP efficiently connects various business nodes with Wuliang intelligent technology, building strong digital support!
Customer Overview

Wuliang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 and is located in Hefei, Anhui Province. It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacturing of computer, communication, and other electronic equipment.

The company currently adopts self-developed ERP, which has high maintenance costs and limited functionality. The management team selected experienced TransInfo as the implementation supplier and successfully launched the SAP ERP solution, connecting various business nodes, thereby improving product quality.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• The self-developed ERP has poor risk tolerance and requires dedicated personnel for post maintenance. Therefore, we look forward to replacing it with a universal and unified management platform;

• The existing system can only connect with the production process, while other business processes are isolated from each other, resulting in unsatisfactory work efficiency;

• Production costs and other information can only be roughly understood at the end of the month, making it difficult to determine the specific cost generating factors and the accurate cost of each product and order, making it difficult for the company to control costs.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP has a world-class industry reputation, and its SAP ®  ERP provides complete functions and is also the preferred choice for many customers of our company;

• TransInfo, recommended by multiple companies with a "5-star" rating, has rich experience in the manufacturing field, smooth communication, harmonious cooperation, and rapid after-sales feedback.

Benefits of digital transformation

• Realize more accurate and efficient financial functions, while connecting various business departments such as procurement, sales, PMC, workshop, warehousing, research and development, finance, quality inspection, etc. to guide standardized management;

• Strengthen control over internal business core nodes, timely understand order progress and ensure smooth execution, effectively reducing delivery delay rates;

• Promote the integration of business and finance, integrate the prices and procurement quantities of different suppliers, and make cost accounting more accurate;

• The report can be generated with one click, greatly improving work efficiency, and reducing the data statistics time from 6 days to 4-5 days;

• Add workshop library functionality to separate separate separate workshops for accounting, resulting in more accurate, complete data and higher real-time performance.

SAP has enhanced the accuracy of the company's cost accounting, unifying the work of all departments, making management at all levels more comprehensive, and enhancing the authenticity of documents

Jiangqin Zhan | Financial Manager, Wuliang (Hefei) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
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