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Products and Services:Integration of medical device production, sales, distribution, and after-sales service
Digitalization of business, LIfe Medical leverages SAP ERP to establish a transparent traceability system!
Customer Overview

Life Medical Industry Group (hereinafter referred to as "Life") is a group company jointly initiated and established by Beijing Ralph Investment Management Co., Ltd. and J&M (USA) Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. We are a group company specializing in the integration of medical device production, sales, distribution, and after-sales service, with a business network covering the entire region of China. We have established multiple branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, and Lanzhou, as well as product research and development centers in Guangzhou and Xi'an, providing a sustainable driving force for the research and development of medical equipment and consumables.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Realize group management and control, connect the headquarters with subsidiaries in various regions, ensure smooth internal transactions and efficient operation;

• Integrate sales, procurement, warehousing, quality traceability, and finance into one platform, enhance communication between business departments, and reduce information silos;

• The system must meet the GSP specifications for the circulation of medical devices issued by the Food and Drug Administration, and establish a transparent quality traceability system to track the end-user information and corresponding batch information of medical devices;

• Establish a supplier audit mechanism to ensure "source" quality;

• Implement a sales management process with a single project management as the core for customers, improve the overall business processing efficiency of the company, and provide accurate and efficient data support for cost control, profit analysis, and decision analysis of the company.

Why choose SAP and partners
With a mature management system and clear development goals, Life places greater emphasis on information management:

• SAP is a leading global supplier of ERP software, with a complete product line and a rigorous solution system that closely aligns with Laierfe's operations;

• TransInfo has strong development capabilities and rich experience in the medical device industry.

Benefits of digital transformation

• Implement group management, enhance the headquarters' control over various subsidiaries, comprehensively integrate business components such as supply chain, finance, and production, connect data between various • business systems, achieve integrated financial and business management, and improve the work efficiency of various business departments;

• By utilizing digital means, all business processes are introduced into the system, and each product can trace various key business nodes in the transaction process, achieving the tracking of end user information and corresponding batch information of medical devices, meeting GSP specifications;

• Implement a customer-centric project management system in the sales process, helping Lai Er Fu Medical to control customer project progress, keep track of project progress and costs at all times, and reduce operational risks.

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