LeJoneschina Engine Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd
LeJoneschina Engine Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Automotive components/melting and casting
Products and Services:Automotive engine parts
Headquarters: Chengdu, China
Website: www.lejones.com
Employee: 200+
Annual revenue: 200 million
Process efficiency improvement
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Improvement of collaborative efficiency between two workshops
LeJoneschina borrows SAP ERP and collaborates with SKEPS to transform into a digital factory!
Customer Overview

LeJoneschina Engine Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as LeJoneschina) is a valve seat ring production enterprise jointly established by L.E. Jones of the United States and Chengdu Haolong Auto Parts Co., Ltd. (specializing in the production of valve seat rings). The company was established in November 2008, with a factory area of 6000 square meters.

In 2010, the company passed the ISO/TS16949 quality system certification and the early quality development audit process for host customer products, becoming a designated supplier for host supporting equipment and entering the mass production stage. It is a partner of manufacturers such as Dongfeng Cummins, Honda Cummins, Carter, and VOLVO. The company has a stable supporting market and advanced technological strength, with very good development prospects.

Business Challenges and Objectives
Establish a comprehensive and real-time system that integrates sales management, production management, PMC management, quality management, procurement management, R&D product data management, warehousing management, and financial management:

• The sales forecast plan fluctuates significantly, resulting in uneven production. Currently, the change is addressed by increasing inventory, but emergency order insertion can lead to a large quantity of work in progress;

• Long production cycle and delivery risk lead to increased raw material inventory, backlog of products in process, inaccurate fixed assets investment and inaccurate knowledge of bottleneck processes;

• Utilize data analysis to monitor various costs; Especially when there are cost changes, strengthen control, such as analyzing the differences in unit consumption of raw materials, auxiliary materials, cutting tools, and finished products, and establish a budget system for sales, production, material costs, expenses, and funds.

Why choose SAP and partners
Good grasp of business requirements also requires a mature, reliable, and efficient implementation team to execute. Therefore, it must have:

• SAP is a leading global commercial software provider, and customers are using SAP's software products. At the same time, customers also request that Juns Haolong be able to synchronize the system;

• The TransInfo implementation team has rich experience and has extensive implementation experience in the smelting and casting industry.

Benefits of digital transformation
Jun Sihao Long leverages the scalability of SAP ERP and TransInfo smelting and casting industry solutions to achieve the following business benefits:

• Establish an information platform for the full process of business sharing from business, production to finance, simplifying labor and improving efficiency; To achieve accurate and effective internal information communication; Smooth management of information flow and cost reduction;

• Effectively establish a sales forecasting system, improve sales forecasting formulas, effectively alleviate the volatility of production plans caused by emergency order insertion, improve production efficiency, and reduce production cycles and inventory;

• Real time reflection of production execution, timely identification of problems and bottleneck processes, implementation of pre and during management, utilization of production data, analysis of fixed asset investment strategies, improvement of adaptability to environmental changes, and more efficient workshop operations;

• Establish a traceable quality management system through the system to digitize quality inspection information;

• Effectively integrating formula management, casting process, and machining production process in the casting workshop, scientifically arranging production plans through a scheduling system, digitizing and visualizing order execution, and improving production lead time;

• Effectively integrate budget and cost system, and achieve effective control of cash flow.

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