Jiaxing NYC Industrial Co., Ltd.
Jiaxing NYC Industrial Co., Ltd.
Automotive components
Products and Services:Mold guide parts and self-lubricating production
Headquarters: Jiaxing, China
website: www.nyc-ind.com
Employee: 200+
Annual revenue: 8000W
Process efficiency improvement
Inventory accuracy
Financial business integration rate
production automation
NYC leverages SAP ERP to collaborate with SKEPS towards automated production!
Customer Overview

Jiaxing NYC Industrial Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as NYC) is a professional enterprise that specializes in the production and sales of stamping and injection mold guide parts, automotive stamping mold inclined wedge mechanisms, self-lubricating bearings, and various self-lubricating wear-resistant materials. After years of development, NYC has become one of the main manufacturers of mold guide parts and self-lubricating industries in the Asia Pacific region, with over 80% of its products exported to overseas mid to high end markets and established long-term strategic partnerships with multiple well-known domestic and foreign enterprises.

In order to pursue the corporate philosophy of excellence and leading the way, and enhance the vitality of the enterprise, NYC is determined to achieve an "intelligent manufacturing" factory through the use of information technology, in collaboration with SKEPS and SAP ERP.

Business Challenges and Objectives
Before choosing SAP ERP, the chaotic production process and inaccurate inventory data have been hindering NYC's further expansion. NYC hopes to:

• Implement efficient and standardized production management, where procurement personnel can purchase as needed, control inventory, and obtain the actual cost of each order;

• Strengthen the connection between various departments within NYC, ensure smooth information flow, improve efficiency, and achieve the goal of "intelligent manufacturing";

Why choose SAP and partners
Good grasp of business requirements also requires a mature, reliable, and efficient implementation team to execute. Therefore, it must have:

• SAP is a leading global commercial software provider, with a mature product system and nearly 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, injecting a strong boost into NYC's intelligent manufacturing goals;

• The outstanding achievements and mature solutions of the SKEPS core team in the manufacturing field can meet and support the continuous development of NYC;

Benefits of digital transformation
With the efforts of the TransInfo consulting team, NYC achieved the following benefits through the use of SAP ERP and production execution system:

• Standardized NYC's business processing, strengthened the connection between production, quality, and warehousing departments, and improved NYC's overall management efficiency;

• Make material demand plans according to orders, and the procurement department purchases according to demand reasonably to achieve the calculation of weighted material costs at the end of the month;

• Orderly production plan management has strengthened the production department's control over product materials, and product inventory has been recorded after quality inspection is completed, timely reflecting product inventory and strengthening product inventory entry and exit management.

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