Shaoxing Zhende Medical Dressing Co., Ltd
Shaoxing Zhende Medical Dressing Co., Ltd
medical equipment
Products and Services:Medical dressings, etc
Headquarters: Shaoxing, China
Employee: 5000+
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Business processing efficiency
Inventory accuracy
Realize full process traceability
Production automation implementation
Zhende Medical utilizes SAP ERP to better match target profits with actual profits!
Customer Overview

Shaoxing Zhende Medical Dressing Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the industry that integrates research and development, production, and sales. It has four modern medical dressing manufacturing enterprises that have passed GMP certification. The group involves traditional medical dressings (medical masks, protective clothing, etc.), pressure treatment and fixation, modern wound care, surgical infection management, incontinence care products, automation equipment, and other industries. 

Our products are sold in over 70 countries and regions, with Europe and North America being the core regions of the international market. We have over 30 provinces and cities in China, and over 3000 medical institutions are using Zhende's products. Shaoxing Zhende has always used domestic financial management software. With the development of the enterprise, many problems have emerged, such as inadequate cost management, inability to share financial and inventory systems, and subsidiary management issues caused by the lack of a unified management platform. In 2009, Shaoxing Zhende launched SAP ERP comprehensively, greatly improving the level of refined management of the enterprise and achieving a good match between target profits and actual profits.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Implement standardized cost management, address extensive management issues, and integrate financial and inventory systems;

• Implement information integration to make internal operations more effective and provide management decision support for enterprises;

• Improve the clarity of workshop production line management processes and achieve evaluation of delivery speed and quality.

Why choose SAP and partners

• Customers and partners highly value the SAP system and trust SAP's solutions;

• TransInfo has strong development capabilities, a thorough understanding of industry characteristics, and fast service response time.

Benefits of digital transformation

• In 2009, it was fully launched and all business processes were implemented in the system, greatly improving the degree of information sharing;

• Improved data accuracy, avoiding errors, improving efficiency and controllability;

• In terms of financial budget management, the original extensive style has been changed, with precise calculations for each subject, improving the accuracy of investment allocation in production, human resources, and other aspects;

• The work efficiency has greatly improved, and the speed of financial statement settlement has been shortened from more than ten days to one or two days now;

• More clear costs, achieving a match between target profits and actual profits;

• Difficulties in price management have been controlled, and human interference factors have been controlled;

• Performance management data comes from the system, which improves the credibility of the data and greatly enhances the objectivity and authority of automatic generation.

The biggest benefit of SAP ERP is that the system has a very rigorous logic and strong scalability, which has brought great help to our rapidly developing enterprise

Shengwei Huang | Manager of Operations and Information Management Department, Shaoxing Zhende Medical Dressing Co., Ltd
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