Santo Metal Processing Machinery Co., Ltd
Santo Metal Processing Machinery Co., Ltd
Mechanical processing industry
Products and Services:Wood and metal carving machines
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Employee: 100+
Annual revenue: CNY 8000W
Process efficiency improvement
Financial business integration rate
Solution Matching Degree
5 Days
Shortening the issuance of financial statements
San Tuo Machinery utilizes SAP ERP to create an efficient and orderly management mechanism!
Customer Overview

Guangzhou Santuo Metal Processing Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in CNC engraving machines. It has two brands, "Tuo Diao" and "Diao Jia", and has achieved an annual production of over 2000 engraving machines over the years. It has also passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, CE, and ROHS certification. At present, there are a variety of carving machine series products, which have been widely used in various industries such as furniture, tea plates, musical instruments, decoration, handicrafts, electronics, hand models, building models, industrial molds, etc; This time, the industry's overall solution of SAP ERP is utilized to achieve the operation of various business chains from procurement, manufacturing, sales, training, maintenance, service, etc. on a unified management platform.

Business Challenges and Objectives
Excessive product order parameters and inadequate inventory management have always been problems for Santo Metal. This launch of SAP ERP aims to achieve:

• Create an efficient internal information management system for enterprises to achieve financial and business integration;

• Solve the timeliness management of orders, with transparent and predictable delivery times;

• Create a customer-centric full process management approach. From front-end orders to production, as well as order delivery and after-sales service, they are interconnected.

Why choose SAP and partners
From the beginning of planning informatization, Santo Metal evaluated software from multiple industries both domestically and internationally, and ultimately chose SAP ERP for the following reasons:

• Over the past 40 years, the international brand SAP has accumulated a very mature product system and practical experience in enterprise information management for enterprises in various industries;

• TransInfo has been focusing on informationization in the manufacturing industry for 10 years, and its understanding and implementation ability in the industry were the reasons why it was ultimately chosen by Santo Metals.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the help of SKEPS SAP ERP mechanical processing industry solution, Santo Metal achieves:

• For semi customized order management, precision control has been achieved, and inventory information is real-time and accurate;

• Utilize Smart CRM to efficiently follow up with customers, while relying on SAP for quick and effective response in after-sales service, forming a customer-centric operation;

• Thanks to the integration of business and finance, real-time and efficient cost control has been achieved.

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