Shandong Taikai High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd
Shandong Taikai High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd
Electrical equipment
Products and Services:High voltage switchgear and mechanical equipment
Headquarters: Tai'an, China
Annual revenue: over 1 billion yuan
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Project management control
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Taikai Group collaborates with SKEPS to create transparent and high-quality project management using SAP ERP!
Customer Overview

Shandong Taikai High Voltage Group (hereinafter referred to as Taikai Group), founded in 2004, is located at the foot of the majestic Mount Taishan Mountain. It covers an area of about 500000 square meters, with a building area of 250000 square meters, and has more than 3300 employees. The company is a large-scale specialized enterprise specializing in the research, development, and production of 1100kV and below outdoor high-voltage sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers, fully enclosed composite electrical appliances, composite insulation composite electrical appliances, prefabricated substations, and live working equipment. In recent years, with the upgrading and optimization of the industrial chain, traditional project management models have encountered bottlenecks, leading to higher costs for enterprises.

Business Challenges and Objectives
Before the launch of the SAP system, Taikai Group had no effective management method for the project. Due to the dispersed internal information and blocked business processes, the management was unable to control the project in real time; In terms of cost accounting, enterprises cannot accurately calculate the various expenses incurred in each link, which greatly affects the profitability level of the enterprise:

• Build an integrated enterprise information system platform, improve internal collaboration efficiency, achieve data and business integration, and optimize supply chain collaboration efficiency, so that all departments of the enterprise form an efficient organic whole;

• Achieve seamless integration between design, research and development, and business, completely eliminating information silos such as materials, BOMs, and processes in the production process; Establish a standardized and comprehensive cost accounting plan to achieve accurate collection of manufacturing expenses, allocation of work orders, and transfer of product and sales costs.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP has over 40 years of best practice experience in ERP software implementation and has numerous successful cases in the global manufacturing industry, with strong capabilities;

• Scapes has been deeply involved in the manufacturing industry for 16 years, with a mature product and solution system and rich implementation experience in project manufacturing.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the joint efforts of TransInfo and Taikai Group, Shandong Taikai has achieved transparent and high-quality project management through SAP ERP:

• Built an integrated digital manufacturing platform for Taikai Group based on SAP ERP, integrating ERP, WMS, MES, and effectively integrating with the design system PDM, achieving efficient and fully transparent project management, solving the control of each node in project management for Taikai Group, and achieving overall business process control according to project sales, production, and procurement;

• Eliminating information silos in various departments of the enterprise, enabling real-time sharing and retrieval of information, improving business response speed and processing efficiency;

• The integrated solution achieves refined control of materials, labor, and expenses by connecting supply chain, production operations, and other business processes, enabling Taikai Group to establish a refined cost control system, forming clear data reports, and providing data support for high-level decision-making.

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