Kunshan Shangwei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd
Kunshan Shangwei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd
Machinery manufacturing
Products and Services:Packaging Machinery Manufacturing and Sales
Headquarters: Kunshan, Jiangsu
Website: www.samwin.cn
Employee: 200+
Annual revenue: 200 million yuan
Process efficiency improvement
Financial business integration rate
Inventory accuracy
Realize paperless office work
Kunshan Shangwei leverages SAP ERP to transform into a "smart manufacturing" factory with TransInfo!
Customer Overview

Kunshan Shangwei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shangwei Packaging") was established in 1999, with a factory area of 50 acres and a total investment of 50 million yuan. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in providing intelligent packaging production solutions. The product is widely used in fields such as food, daily chemical, agrochemical, pharmaceutical, etc., meeting the packaging needs of different material characteristics.

As the first horizontal packaging machine R&D and manufacturing enterprise in China, Shangwei Packaging adheres to the core concept of "good people making tools", emphasizes the construction of corporate culture, and adheres to independent technological innovation. After years of exploration and innovation, we now have more than 20 core patented technologies. While continuously strengthening our customer service, Shangwei is also enhancing its own hard power. With the help of SAP ERP, we practice building intelligent chemical factories for customers and achieve the development goal of packaging industry 4.0.

Business Challenges and Objectives
On the basis of existing management, optimize business segments such as sales, procurement, inventory, and production operations with the help of SAP ERP

Enhance the business processing capabilities of various links in the supply chain, increase the management of suppliers, and synchronize the management of CRM sales orders;

• Enhance the management and control of the production process, including business modules such as MRP, job breakdown, production dispatch, material preparation, material issuance, return, production warehousing, quality management, etc., and achieve product cost accounting by project to achieve comprehensive and refined production management.

Why SAP and TransInfo
With a mature management system and clear development goals, Shangwei Packaging places greater emphasis on information management

• In the past 40 years, SAP has accumulated strong technical experience in global manufacturing informatization and Industry 4.0;

• TransInfo has expanded its presence in the SAP ERP mechanical industry, with a mature product and solution system and an experienced implementation team.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the joint efforts of TransInfo and Shangwei Packaging, with the help of SAP ERP, Shangwei Packaging has taken a new step towards refined production management

• The implementation of financial and business integration has enabled Shangwei Packaging to further optimize the management efficiency of various business departments on the basis of its original management. The automated SAP system has gradually replaced manual input and data acquisition, and Shangwei Packaging has started paperless office work;

• From scratch, Shangwei Packaging has achieved refined control over the entire production process, strengthened production planning, and the finance department can obtain real production data to accurately calculate product costs. It has also built a smooth quality management system, placing the entire production process within a visible range.

SAP ERP not only helps us achieve standardization and refinement of business process management, providing us with end-to-end business transparency, but also provides strong support for the sustained growth of our business.

Yao Wei | General Manager of Kunshan Shangwei Packaging Technology Co., Ltd
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