Dongguan Aillen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Dongguan Aillen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
High-Tech Electronics
Products and Services:Electronic component distribution
Headquarters: Dongguan, China
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Improved operational efficiency
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Aillen Electronics: Build a Strong Distribution Control System with SAP!
Customer Overview

Aillen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Aillen Electronics) was founded in Hong Kong, China in 1995. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales, solution provision, and one-stop supply chain services of electronic components. Its main products include capacitors, resistors, inductors, transformers, and other electronic components. The products are widely used in fields such as communication, consumer electronics, computers, LED lighting, security, smart grids, medical equipment, industrial control, and automotive electronics.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Improve operational efficiency and integrate the financial management of the entire company;

• Establish complete and standardized material data control to achieve batch number control;

• Realize supplier collaboration and digital supply chain control, improve procurement efficiency and quality stability;

• Ultimately, the entire company will interact and coordinate on one platform, with personnel handling matters, monitoring progress, project handover, and forming a closed loop from customer to service, without any delays or disruptions in the workflow.

Why choose SAP and partners

• As a global enterprise, SAP is a globally renowned ERP software supplier with rich industry practices;

• The TransInfo implementation team has extensive experience and is able to gain a deep understanding of Allen Electronics' business needs, tailoring complete digital solution support.

Benefits of digital transformation

• Ellen Electronics has deployed an SAP ERP application that covers the entire operational process from financial management to planning, cost accounting, and inventory management;

• Established a complete control strategy for customers, achieving high-quality control over customer ratings and credit limits;

• Established an efficient supplier collaboration system, based on a rich material master database, optimized supply chain control, improved product delivery efficiency and quality stability;

• Based on the flexibility of SAP ERP, achieve full process cost accounting and control, establish key KPI assessments for various business departments, improve operational efficiency, and reduce operational costs;

• We have established a multi-dimensional report analysis system to provide complete data decision-making support for senior management.

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