Guoli Yuantong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Guoli Yuantong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Automotive parts industry
Products and Services:High voltage RF vacuum device
Headquarters: Kunshan, China
Employee: 1000 +
Annual revenue: CNY 4000W
Improving business process efficiency
Financial business integration rate
Cost control range
Save ineffective expenditure
Guoliyuan Tong leverages SAP ERP to create a unified and efficient information management platform!
Customer Overview

Kunshan Guoli Yuantong New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guoli Yuantong) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kunshan Guoli Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. It has a strategic partner Tesla and focuses on the research and development, manufacturing of high and low voltage DC contactors and their supporting systems. Relying on the comprehensive industrial platform, complete production chain, and mature technological processes of the parent company Guoli Electronics, it provides services for Tesla, BYD, and BAIC New Energy, Famous vehicle manufacturers such as Beiqi Foton, Chery, Jinlong, Xiangyang Station Wagon, and Wuzhoulong are equipped with direct contactors and other automotive accessories. With continuous technological innovation, Guoli Yuantong has entered the development track of branding. With the steady growth of Guoli Yuantong's business, the management pressure of the company's operations has become increasingly prominent. In addition, with the foresight of senior management and the continuous improvement of management demands, after multiple inspections and discussions, SAP ERP has finally won the favor of Guoli Yuantong's senior management with a complete and flexible application, technological innovation solution.

Business Challenges and Objectives
At the beginning of its establishment, following the extensive management articles of association of the head office, each system of the financial system and business system went its own way, which made the data jumbled and inefficient:

• There are several management systems within the company, which are independent of each other, resulting in a large number of high-value and huge data, but can not be effectively managed and utilized, resulting in data isolated islands. 

• The financial management and the business processing system are independent of each other, the business data between the various business departments can not be collected into the financial system, the company can not calculate each business timely and accurately, and the monthly settlement process is slow. the inventory of various business data is not accurate, which affects the company's decision-making.

Why choose SAP and partners
Mature management system, recognition of innovative technologies and trends, in terms of information management, Guolitong pays more attention to:

• In the past 40 years, SAP has accumulated very strong technical experience in global manufacturing informatization and industrial 4. 0. 

• Cloud is the innovative model of enterprise information management in the future. SAP ERP has a complete business chain, and the innovative model of cloud deployment is forward-looking and can meet the long-term planning of National Power Source.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the help of SAP ERP solutions and the business practice of the TransInfo implementation team, the information management of Guoli Yuantong has reached a new level, realizing integrated management at the business and financial levels:

• In SAP ERP, the supply chain, finance, production and other business components of Guoli Yuantong are fully integrated, which connects the data between various business systems, realizes the integrated management of financial business, and improves the work efficiency of various business departments. 

• With the help of SAP ERP flexible report presentation, Guoli Yuantong realizes the visualization of business cost, realizes effective control at the level of cost analysis and gross profit analysis, and obtains the input and output of each work in real time. 

• Improve the overall business processing efficiency of the company, provide accurate and efficient data support for the company's cost control, profit analysis and decision analysis, and lay a good information foundation for the further expansion of National Power Source.

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