Asia Cuanon Technology Co., Ltd.
Asia Cuanon Technology Co., Ltd.
Chemical industry
Products and Services:Exterior wall thermal insulation material
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Employee: 500 +
Annual revenue: CNY 100000W
Improvement of production efficiency
Customer order delivery cycle is shortened
Increased efficiency of business collaboration
Shortened closing cycle at the end of the financial month
Asia Cuanon uses SAP ERP to build an intelligent chemical plant and reshape management thinking!
Customer Overview

Asia Cuanon Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Asia Cuanon") was established in 1998. In the highly competitive chemical industry, Yashi Chuangneng has gradually become a leading enterprise in the field of engineering coatings over the past 18 years. It has 10 production bases in the country and customers all over the country. 

In the 2016 Top 100 list of Shanghai Enterprises released by Shanghai Enterprise Federation and other organizations in August 2016, Ashtron was selected as one of the "Top 100 Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai" and "Top 50 Private Manufacturing Enterprises in Shanghai". 

Under the impact of the information tide, Yashi Chuangneng has achieved what it is today, which is closely related to its ability to tap its own vitality and actively embrace digital change. 

In 2015, Yashi Chuangneng, in cooperation with SAP, gradually reshaped the management thinking with digitalization, and finally realized the effective landing from optimal management to strategy.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Meet the needs of business departments for data acquisition and improve timeliness. 

• Management can obtain data in a timely manner and make quick decisions. 

• Adjust the organizational structure, reengineer the business process, optimize the authority, and simplify the complexity. 

• The business application is intuitive and personalized, and conforms to the actual working habits of users. 

• Improve user experience, increase user adoption, and reduce training and support costs.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP contains advanced management concepts, which meets the current needs of Yashi Chuang Energy, and can support the expansion and development of Yashi Chuang Energy in the future. 

• Ashtron hopes to use SAP ERP to eliminate data indexing, meet the doubling demand of business departments for data acquisition, quickly realize the integration of CRM and OA, and process data faster.

Benefits of digital transformation

• Eliminate data indexing, data aggregation and redundant data, significantly reducing data footprint and total cost of ownership. 

• Achieve faster data processing, more agile business operations, one step ahead, and a sharper insight into business opportunities than competitors. 

• Real-time access to data, allowing decision makers to make decisions anytime, anywhere. 

• Users can simply and easily complete the work of any device.

"Strategy is a quick step, a quick step is a strategy. The cooperation between Asia Cuanon and SAP, taking digitization as the contact point, aims to lengthen the vitality lifeline of the enterprise, and the ultimate goal is to open the pattern on the surface and collide with a way to survive in the information tide. "

Renyong Guo | Director of IT, Yashi Chuangneng Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
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