Guangzhou Yatsen E-commerce Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Yatsen E-commerce Co., Ltd
Makeup industry/social e-commerce
Products and Services:Sales of daily cosmetics and high-quality fashionable makeup products
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Annual revenue: -
Cost control rate
Solution matching degree
Accuracy of project budget control
Realize the docking of order system, central Taiwan system, WMS system and financial system.
Makeup social e-commerce - Yatsen e-commerce breaks through the data shackles with SAP ERP!
Customer Overview

Guangzhou Yatsen E-Commerce Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yatsen e-commerce) has received three rounds of investment, and its own makeup brand "Perfect Diary" is committed to providing high-quality fashion makeup products and beauty solutions for the new generation of Chinese women. The brand has entered Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and Shanghai Fashion Week. Currently, sales of Tmall flagship stores on Double Eleven and Double Twelve have ranked among Tmall's top domestic makeup brands The top 10 sales figures for the Double 11 categories of Xiaohongshu.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• There are multiple systems for processing from front-end consumers to back-end business and finance, and there is an urgent need for a flexible and scalable system to achieve concatenation, real-time acquisition of order data, efficient processing of business, and data support for decision-making;

• Makeup social e-commerce requires the use of sales data to analyze product profits and losses, and predict the input-output ratio of market launch costs to help businesses avoid risks.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is a global leader in ERP software, accumulating strong technical experience;

• The TransInfo implementation team provides a digital solution based on SAP ERP for Yixian E-commerce, which meets and supports the rapid development of Yixian E-commerce.

Benefits of digital transformation

• Integration of financial and business operations, effectively integrating existing mid level systems, OMS order processing systems, supply chain systems, financial systems, etc., breaking information silos;

• Provide effective product profit and loss data analysis for senior management to establish an effective product portfolio and further enhance brand influence;

• Provide data decision-making basis for senior management to quickly respond to changes in market demand through sales data analysis of sales channels;

• Effectively control the budget for market investment costs;

• Through supply chain collaboration and effective integration with WMS warehousing processing system, inventory turnover rate is improved and customer experience is enhanced.

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