Hanhoo Cosmetics Co., Ltd
Hanhoo Cosmetics Co., Ltd
Fast moving Consumer goods / Cosmetics
Products and Services:Skin care products, etc.
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Website: www.hanhoo.com
Employee: 500 +
Annual revenue: CNY 1 billion +
Improve the efficiency of business processes
Solution matching degree
Accuracy of project budget control
The checkout at the end of the month is shortened to 1 day.
SAP ERP program helps Hanhoo Cosmetics to achieve supply chain + omni-channel visualization!
Customer Overview

Hanhoo Cosmetics Co., Ltd., a famous skincare brand, was founded in 2005. Under its "naturally made" brand concept, Han Hou has entered a rapid upward period of omnichannel growth, deploying 7 effective sales channels nationwide, including more than 15000 exclusive stores, more than 100 distributors, and settling in more than 1850 Watsons, more than 500 large supermarkets and department stores, and establishing mature e-commerce WeChat and TV shopping channels.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Strengthen the control of business processes, establish standardized procedures and corresponding execution systems for business management process control;

• Build an accurate and smooth internal information communication platform to integrate multiple system operation processes;

• Establish unified material coding rules and strengthen inventory production management;

• Strengthen the standardization of product BOM and provide accurate cost data.

Why choose SAP and partners

In order to cope with the complex and ever-changing market environment of the fast-moving consumer goods industry and the rapid growth of enterprises, effectively manage the seven major sales channels, strengthen process monitoring, improve refined management capabilities, and ensure product quality, Hanhoo chose the SAP ERP consumer goods industry solution, achieving standardization of management processes, real-time data analysis, and integration of business and finance, and comprehensively creating a supply chain+omnichannel management information platform. The deployment of the SAP information management platform not only lays a solid management foundation for the rapid development of Han Hou, but also helps Hanhoo deliver higher quality products to every consumer.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the help of SAP ERP solutions, Hanhoo has standardized the entire company's business and achieved efficient and transparent control:

• Implement a refined management platform that integrates research and development, planning, procurement, warehousing, production, sales, and finance;

• Create real-time integration of O2O omnichannel and supply chain management, significantly improving efficiency;

• Strengthen the refined management of the factory, including production processes, raw materials, work in progress, order completion rate, and inventory matching, achieve full traceability management of product quality, and improve the overall collaborative efficiency of the factory, warehouse, and sales;

• Flexible sales and pricing strategies have solved the difficulties of multi-channel and multi price strategy development, execution, payment collection, and settlement in the cosmetics industry, as well as budget and special funds for expenses;

• Real time presentation of sales, financial, and operational reports, establishing a multi-dimensional cost and profit analysis and accounting system for various business processes;

• Real time collection and analysis of online and offline consumer and dealer data, providing real and accurate data reports for marketing and sales departments, enhancing sales capabilities and market resilience.

The reason why Hanhoo has been able to maintain a 40% sales growth in the past two years is that informatization is a very important factor. SAP's backend management, research and development, production, supplier management, and analysis of financial and sales data have an indirect driving effect on sales performance.

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