Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industry
Products and Services:Development and production of blood type diagnostic reagents
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Employee: 200 +
Annual revenue: CNY 20000W
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Meet the GMP review
Blood medicine utilizes SAP ERP to establish a transparent and traceable "quality assurance" system!
Customer Overview

Shanghai HEMO-PHARMACEUTICAL&BIOLOGICAL Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Blood Medicine") was established in May 2003, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of blood type diagnostic reagents, and providing related technical consulting services. It is one of the first enterprises in China to obtain the GMP certificate for diagnostic reagents. The diagnostic reagents produced cover multiple fields such as blood type identification, clinical diagnosis, cross matching, and a total of ABO blood type diagnostic reagents, There are over 30 types of rare blood type diagnostic reagents, Rh blood type diagnostic reagents, anti human globulin reagents, red blood cell reagents, and special blood bank reagents in six categories.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• By organizing all the processes, systems, data classification, and related reports of the enterprise, ensure that the implementation of the system can be based on the actual management needs of the enterprise;

• Strengthen cost/expense management in various departments, optimize cost control, and clarify cash flow status for efficient decision-making and monitoring by senior management;

• Establish transparent quality management standards for pharmaceutical companies in response to the GMP certification system, and achieve a traceable quality standard system;

• Establish a standardized, systematic, and accurate data entry and management system, ultimately establishing an efficient and timely report analysis system.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is a globally renowned ERP provider, and global pharmaceutical giants are using SAP's solutions;

• TransInfo consultants have extensive experience in consulting and implementing quality management systems for pharmaceutical companies based on their understanding of the pharmaceutical industry.

Benefits of digital transformation
Blood medicine utilizes SAP ERP and TransInfo biopharmaceutical solutions to achieve a traceable quality management system:

• Centralize drug research and development, production, business, warehousing, and finance on a unified platform, break departmental communication boundaries, and build an integrated financial and business system;

• Achieve maintenance of suppliers and customer groups, including qualification certification and inspection, to further ensure the quality of drugs;

• Collaboration between R&D and production, recording various stages of drug production execution through batch numbers, including raw materials, equipment, production teams, quality inspection, etc., to establish traceable production quality management practices that meet the GMP standards of the Food and Drug Administration;

• Implement effective cost/expense allocation for sales, procurement, research and development, production and other business departments, effectively integrate budget and cost system, and achieve effective control of cash flow;

• Establish a complete report management system. Through multi-dimensional report analysis, senior management can obtain real-time execution status of orders, including sales analysis, procurement analysis, production yield analysis, cost analysis, etc., to further control product quality and enhance competitiveness.

SAP brings us not only improvements in management, but also targeted solutions to the standards and management requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. It also helps us achieve effective management in business processing, quality supervision, and other aspects.

Director Zhan | Office Director, Shanghai HEMO-PHARMACEUTICAL&BIOLOGICAL Co., Ltd.
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