Zhanjiang A & C Biological Co., Ltd.
Zhanjiang A & C Biological Co., Ltd.
Products and Services:Research and development, production, and sales of bacterial endotoxin testing products
Headquarters: Zhanjiang, China
Website: www.zacb.com
Employee: 1000+
Annual revenue:-
Realize full process traceability
Significant improvement in internal communication efficiency
Meet GMP certification
Real time
Real time report presentation
A&C Leveraging SAP ERP to Build a Full Process Quality Traceability System!
Customer Overview

Zhanjiang A & C Biological Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "A&C") is a controlling joint venture acquired by Charles River Laboratories International, Inc. (CRL) in China in 1997. CRL is a leading global new drug contract research and development organization headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, USA. It operates 80 branches in 23 countries worldwide and provides a complete set of products and services necessary for accelerating drug development for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies, and academic institutions worldwide. Its business covers new drug research and development, safety assessment, bacterial endotoxin testing of non intestinal drugs and medical devices Rapid microbial detection and identification, clinical support, operational and personnel configuration support, etc.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Integrate existing systems, integrate sales, procurement, warehousing, quality inspection, and finance into one platform, enhance communication between business departments, and reduce information silos;

• System process control, meeting GMP specifications, drug manufacturing achieves full process quality monitoring from procurement source, production, and distribution, and meets traceability requirements;

• A complete reporting system needs to be provided and presented through flexible visual reporting.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is a globally renowned ERP software supplier, and its parent company has already launched SAP;

• The TransInfo consulting team has rich industry experience in biopharmaceutical companies, able to quickly understand the industry and provide professional advice to Anders.

Benefits of digital transformation

• With the help of SAP ERP, Anders has fully integrated key businesses such as supply chain, finance, and production, achieving integrated financial and business management. With a unified platform, Anders has enhanced internal communication and improved order execution efficiency;

• Each product of Andus can achieve full process traceability and achieve the entire product process;

• Full process digital presentation, tailored to the business needs of Anders, multiple forms of digital reports have been customized, and with the help of rich data presentation, Anders' digital decision-making ability has been improved.

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