Guizhou Remote Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Guizhou Remote Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
The biopharmaceutical industry
Products and Services:Biomedical research and development and sales
Headquarters: Guiyang, China
Employee: 1000 +
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Remote pharmaceutical leverages SAP ERP and collaborates with TransInfo to accelerate enterprise decision-making!
Customer Overview

Guizhou Remote Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 1998 and is a well-known trademark in China. The company is located at No. 5 Gaoxin North Road, Wudang District, Guiyang City. It is a pharmaceutical enterprise that integrates the cultivation, scientific research, production, and sales of medicinal materials. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a designated production enterprise for national ethnic special needs goods, a Guizhou Enterprise Technology Center, an innovative enterprise in Guizhou Province, a credit integrity enterprise in Guizhou Province, and a key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization operation Leading poverty alleviation enterprises.

Through the expansion of large-scale production lines of drugs, Telepharma has realized the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Now it has four production lines of hard capsules, sprays, tablets and granules. The level of enterprise intelligence and informatization has significantly improved. Due to its good prospects, rapid growth and sufficient stamina, Telepharma has been included in the "transformation of thousands of enterprises" high growth enterprises in Guizhou Province. The company is committed to the development of the new medicine and health industry with the enterprise philosophy of "being diligent and professional", Make positive contributions to healthy Guizhou and healthy China.

Business Challenges and Objectives

The rapid development momentum of enterprise scale and business has surprised the remote pharmaceutical management team. Previously, various departments had simple departmental level software, making it impossible to talk about integration. The system information between different business departments could not be unified. However, with the continuous growth of business volume, various departments had urgent requirements for timely and shared data. This situation necessitated the selection of a software with a high level of integration that could integrate previously independent business processes.

Why choose SAP and partners
A mature management system, clear development goals, and in terms of information management, remote pharmaceutical places greater emphasis on:

• As an internationally renowned brand, SAP's over 40 years of in-depth research and development in this field have ensured that they can provide customers with satisfactory support and services;

• SAP ERP is a product that can help enterprises with information construction. It not only has good application performance, but also provides subsequent upgrades, services, and corresponding software service packages to meet customer needs.

Benefits of digital transformation
With SAP ERP, remote pharmaceutical management has reached a new level:

• Through the implementation of the project, remote pharmaceutical has preliminarily achieved the integrated operation of internal management within the company, connecting various nodes such as the finance department, sales department, procurement department, and warehouse to form a relatively complete information network, making information transmission between various departments efficient and accurate, thus fully realizing the "three streams" of capital flow, logistics, and information flow;

• Through the comprehensive implementation of SAP ERP solution, real-time control of remote pharmaceutical procurement process, sales process, financial accounting, decision analysis system, etc. has been achieved, resource sharing has been achieved, and the management level of the enterprise has been improved.

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