Liaoning Taiping Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Liaoning Taiping Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd
The biopharmaceutical industry
Products and Services:Circulation of biopharmaceutical vaccines
Headquarters: Shenyang, China
Employee: 200+
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Taiping Pharmaceutical has established a traceable pharmaceutical quality supervision system with the help of SAP ERP!
Customer Overview

Liaoning Taiping Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Taiping Pharmaceutical) was established in 1997. After 16 years of continuous development and growth, it has become a well-known pharmaceutical wholesale enterprise with a total paid in capital of 10 million yuan, asset scale of over 100 million yuan, annual sales exceeding 300 million yuan, and annual net profit exceeding one million yuan. The company always adheres to the quality tenet of "quality first, honest operation", and strictly adheres to the relevant provisions of the "Drug Administration Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Quality Management Standards for Drug Trading" in its operations. The company attaches great importance to the construction of cold chain systems, and has established a first-class and comprehensive cold chain operation system based on the latest GSK company's cold chain system standards. It implements multiple protection, real-time monitoring, and accurate recording for cold storage, refrigerated transport vehicles, and refrigerated containers. At present, the company has a national vaccine delivery capacity centered around the existing cold storage base.

Business Challenges and Objectives
The rapid development of Taiping Pharmaceutical is thanks to professional services and market trust. However, the rapid expansion of business has also brought significant difficulties to Taiping Pharmaceutical's business management:

• The original business system and financial system are independent of each other, and the business settlement departments shift blame and argue with each other, resulting in low work efficiency;

• Under the supervision of the Food and Drug Administration, it is necessary to strictly implement GSP standards to ensure the quality, transparency, and traceability of drugs. At the same time, strict batch management is required for the shelf life of drug vaccines to control inventory and logistics distribution.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is the world's leading ERP management software brand, worthy of Taiping Pharmaceutical's trust. At the same time, the integration and flexible scalability of SAP software meet the further development of Taiping Pharmaceutical;

• The SKEPS implementation team has rich experience in implementing services in biopharmaceutical enterprises, providing constructive solutions for Taiping Pharmaceutical to standardize its business and establish a standard and transparent business system.

Benefits of digital transformation
With the help of TransInfo SAP ERP pharmaceutical solution, Taiping Pharmaceutical Management has reached a new level:

• In the logistics process, help Taiping Pharmaceutical establish a maintenance plan for drugs and vaccines, record the logistics cold chain process, timely record temperature changes in the logistics process through docking with vehicles and other equipment, and effectively record and provide feedback on drug damage;

• Establish a traceable pharmaceutical and vaccine circulation process, and monitor the validity period of drugs and vaccines in real time through batch number traceability to meet the GSP review of the Food and Drug Administration;

• Through SAP ERP, the allocation and integration of resources and financial business integration of Taiping Pharmaceutical Company have been promoted, greatly improving the company's management level in logistics, purchase and sales, contracts, assets, finance, and other aspects, and improving work efficiency.

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