Qingdao Laoshan mineral water Co., Ltd
Qingdao Laoshan mineral water Co., Ltd
Beverage Industry
Products and Services:Beverage production and distribution
Headquarters: Qingdao, China
Website: www.laoshan.com.cn
Employee: 500 +
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Laoshan mineral water creates a pure business line with the help of SAP ERP!
Customer Overview

Qingdao Laoshan mineral water Co., Ltd. (formerly Qingdao Soda water factory, hereinafter referred to as Laoshan mineral water) was founded in 1905. It is a large national enterprise producing and selling "Laoshan" brand series of mineral water. It took the lead in passing the ISO9002 international quality system certification in the national mineral water industry and became one of the first batch of "national quality trustworthy products". In 2003, it won the title of "China famous brand product" and became one of the four mineral water companies that won this honor in the first selection of China famous brand mineral water industry. Laoshan mineral water company is a mineral water enterprise integrating many honors, such as the time-honored brand in China, the 30-year Ivy League in China's beverage industry, and the century old brand in China's packaged drinking water industry. In 2018, the "world brand conference" hosted by the world brand laboratory released the "China's 500 most valuable brands". On this ranking list based on corporate finance, consumer behavior and brand strength, "Laoshan" jumped to the top 200 with a brand value of 22.895 billion yuan, and became the only brand in the mineral water industry for four consecutive years.

Business challenges and objectives

Laoshan mineral water has always been ranked at the front end of the mineral water industry by virtue of its hundred years of brand advantages and excellent quality. due to the disconnection between previous business data and financial data, integrated management cannot be formed. procurement, sales and supply and other aspects have not been effectively and uniformly monitored, senior leaders believe that according to the current situation of the enterprise, there is an urgent need for enterprises to use a set of advanced and mature information system to improve the operation and management of enterprises. Improve work efficiency and finally choose to implement SAP ERP solution.

Why choose SAP and partners

• sap is the world's leading commercial software provider, and its mature product system and best industry practice cases are worthy of Laoshan mineral water's trust;

• SAP ERP is easy to use, short implementation cycle and low cost.

Digital transformation benefits

• realize the unified management and monitoring of business data and financial data, and solve the bottle box unit conversion and other unique problems in the beverage industry;

• the adoption of different market price policies for different customers and different sales regions has greatly improved work efficiency and reduced costs;

• realize the unified management of subordinate production bases and logistics departments with headquarters as the center, and quickly, timely and accurately understand the business of subordinate production bases and logistics departments, so as to facilitate financial monitoring and management;

• realize the collection and analysis of historical data, process a large amount of data, and predict the future operation;

• control and analyze the business occurred, forming an integrated and centralized management mode.

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