Shanghai tianfanghui supply chain Co., Ltd
Shanghai tianfanghui supply chain Co., Ltd
Food processing industry
Products and Services:Farm, production, trade, sales, chain store operation
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Employees: 200+
Annual revenue:-
Group management and control
Financial business integration rate
Overall operational efficiency improvement
Shorten the time of issuing financial statements every month
With the help of SAP ERP and transinfo, tianfanghui can achieve efficient operation!
Customer Overview

Shanghai tianfanghui supply chain (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "tianfanghui") is a diversified group enterprise integrating farm, production, trade, sales and chain store operation. It is a comprehensive service provider focusing on the whole process management of the supply chain, merger and reorganization, and financial consulting. It specializes in undertaking all aspects of the supply chain business, helping enterprises effectively establish, manage and optimize the supply chain structure, and enhance the enterprise value and core competitiveness. Tianfanghui uses years of industry standard experience and advanced entity technology and innovative management concepts to professionally integrate the resources of all links of the supply chain and provide enterprises with full range supply chain support service solutions from comprehensive consulting, technology implementation, talent training to supply chain services.

Project background

Without effective planning intervention, tianfanghui, like many companies in the food processing industry, needs to recruit a large number of employees to cope with the changing demand for orders; The production efficiency is low, and the labor cost has been rising. Against such a background, tianfanghui is determined to improve its management level and meet industry challenges by means of informatization after investigating and learning from foreign peer enterprises. However, due to the meticulous process of tianfanghui, and the processing lead time, shelf life loss rate and so on, the process needs to be scheduled. After contacting with many software suppliers, scapes' advanced scheduling system based on SAP ERP has been recognized by the top management of tianfanghui for its excellent characteristics in the food processing industry.

Business challenges and objectives

• the process of tianfanghui is very meticulous. It is often necessary to separate 7-8 BOMs and then consolidate them by production orders;

 split production orders according to different customers according to sales orders, and merge the same products in the production process;

• processing lead time, shelf life loss rate, and all processes need to be scheduled.

Why sap and partners

• sap has a good brand effect and is a trustworthy product. Sap has a rigorous management idea, which is conducive to the growth of the company;

• the scapes consulting team has rich experience in SAP system implementation and can provide good management consulting and suggestions.

Benefits of digital transformation

• streamline troops and simplify administration to improve efficiency and reduce costs;

• with the advanced production scheduling system, after the process flow, the chefs used to have to work overtime from Monday to Wednesday. Now the time arrangement has become rationalized. Not only do they need to work overtime, but the original staff has also been reduced to half, and the output is indeed double that of the original;

• after the production cost module was installed, the cost and loss of each dish were not clear. Now the cost and profit of each dish are clearly understood, and the cost of employees, utilities, fixed assets and other costs are effectively managed.

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