Haitian Seasoning Food Co., Ltd
Haitian Seasoning Food Co., Ltd
Food and Beverage Industry
Products and Services:Research, development, production and sales of condiments
Headquarters: Foshan, China
website: www.haidian-food.com
Employees: 5000+
Annual revenue: -
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Haitian has established an integrated platform with the help of SAP ERP and developed rapidly and steadily!
Customer Overview

Foshan Haitian flavoring food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Haitian flavoring industry) Haitian flavoring industry, a professional condiment manufacturer in China, a leading brand of condiments in China, and a time-honored enterprise in China, has a history of nearly 300 years. Haitian products cover 8 series of soy sauce, oyster sauce, seasoning sauce, vinegar, chicken essence, etc. Haitian products have been selling well in the market for many years and are familiar with and trusted by people. Classic taste and quality. Yami kitchen invites you to enjoy Haitian delicacies. Haitian, life is delicious.

Business challenges and objectives

realize the standardized management of the whole enterprise, integrate the highly integrated management systems of the enterprise, and accelerate the Informatization Transformation;

 realize information integration, make the internal operation of the enterprise more effective, and provide management decision support for the enterprise;

 help Haitian flavor industry build a transparent quality management system.

Digital transformation benefits

 it has realized the function modules of sales distribution, production management, material management, quality management, cost management, financial management, investment management, project management, etc. the original extensive style of financial budget management has been changed, and each subject has been carefully calculated, which has improved the accuracy of investment allocation in production, human resources, etc;

 seamless connection with relevant management systems (such as moss system, self-developed MIS system, transportation management system, etc.) not only provides a stable and integrated information platform for business operation, but also realizes the smooth flow of business information and data sharing, and ensures the uniqueness, accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness of data;

 the various business segments of the company are linked together through the SAP ERP system, breaking the strip division within the business unit, forming the overall connection of business processes and promoting the company's management process;

 the hierarchical management of production ingredients is realized, and the inputs and outputs of each stage are defined. The quantity of production materials is automatically generated through the BOM and production order system and delivered by the warehouse every day, providing better conditions for serious process management and ensuring stable product quality;

 through the QM module function, the inspection plan of all kinds of materials from warehousing to product delivery, sample retention and storage is locked in the information system. The change of material status is associated with the corresponding inspection point, and the system automatically generates inspection batches; After the products of the previous process are qualified, the production orders of the next process can be collected, and the purchased materials cannot be settled without inspection results, etc., which strengthens the process control and quality tracking means, and the quality management is more in place;

at the same time, Haitian company uses the powerful database of the information system to seamlessly connect with the advanced testing equipment to convert the quality characteristics and sensory characteristics of products and materials into maps and store them in the information system to realize the data accumulation of quality management. Comparing the test results of the sample with the standard spectrum, the detection efficiency is doubled, the error of subjective judgment is reduced, and the results are more accurate.

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