Jiangxi Qianhu State Guesthouse
Jiangxi Qianhu State Guesthouse
Hotel and Conference Center
Products and Services:hotel management
Headquarters: Nanchang, China
Employee: 400+
Annual revenue:-
Matching degree between scheme and business
Financial business integration rate
~ 60%
Automatic integration of hotel accounting, saving time
1 times
Overall business efficiency improvement
Qianhu Hotel: SAP helps open up front and rear end business and enhance business competitiveness!
Customer Overview

Nanchang Jiangxi Qianhu guest house (hereinafter referred to as Qianhu guest house) is located on the North Bank of Hongjiaozhou Qianhu lake, Honggutan District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It is dotted on the Bank of the beautiful Qianhu lake. You can have a panoramic view of the elegant mountains and green gardens, the quiet blue lake and silver sand, and enjoy the charming scenery while sitting in the bustling area. The hotel covers a total area of 2385 mu, with a total construction area of 160000 square meters. It is built along the lake, with convenient location, complete internal facilities, accommodation, catering, conference center, entertainment, fitness, tennis hall, swimming pool, two large parking lots, etc.

Business challenges and objectives

• there are multiple systems (reservation system, cashier system, order system, etc.) in the front desk of the hotel, which are independent of each other and have isolated information islands. Effective integration is needed to reduce the problems of low efficiency and data accuracy caused by manual operation;

• it needs to respond in real time to the purchase demand for commodities and food materials, effectively manage the quality and validity of commodities and food materials, and control suppliers;

• realize the business control with the project as the core for the key business conference and exhibition services, so as to improve the comprehensive ability of the services;

 provide real-time business data for the middle and high-level with the help of the system, and make timely and effective decisions based on the data, so as to improve the business agility of the hotel and enhance the customer experience.

Why choose SAP and partners

 sap is a trusted international brand, and SAP ERP has a large number of proven successful practical experience, which can help enterprises improve the enterprise structure and process in the implementation process;

 the implementation partner is a professional team of transinfo consultants with rich implementation experience in the hotel industry.

Benefits of digital transformation
Qianhu hotel has established an operation system with SAP as the data core to drive the integration of industry and finance and build its core competitiveness

 effective integration of front-end business systems with SAP, opening up information islands, effectively using data-driven industry finance integration, and significantly improving financial processing efficiency;

 through the implementation of standardized process management, realize the unified management of hotel material procurement and warehousing, improve the management and control level of hotel materials, and improve the internal control ability;

 achieve effective project management and control of conference and exhibition, and effective management and control of conference venues and service personnel distribution, with government and enterprise customers as the core, so as to improve the overall service quality;

 established comprehensive report analysis support, horizontal and vertical multi-dimensional report display, providing decision-making and analysis data support for senior management.

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