Guangzhou Talentspak Trading Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Talentspak Trading Co., Ltd
Products and Services:R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-end cosmetics packaging, manufacturing and sales of gift box packaging and printing
Headquarters: Guangzhou, China
Employees: 500+
Annual revenue:-
Productivity improvement
Reduced delays in delivery
Improved business collaboration efficiency
The unit working time is reduced from 1 hour before implementation to 10 minutes
Guangzhou Talentspak realizes business expansion with the help of SAP packaging best business practices!
Customer Overview

Guangzhou Talentspak Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Talon) is an exporter of luxury packaging materials, specializing in the packaging business of jewelry, cosmetics, perfume and other luxury goods. In 2003, in order to improve its own processing capacity, Talon purchased Zhongshan Guohua packaging factory. Zhongshan Guohua gift packaging Co., Ltd. is one of the core enterprises in China's packaging and printing production base. It mainly produces jewelry packaging boxes, gift packaging boxes, trays and decorative items used in display cabinets, and plays a decisive role in the industry.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• abandon the previous manual intervention and teaching management mode;

• be able to price new products through manufacturing cost analysis;

• when a new sales order is obtained, it can calculate the possible delivery date from the management system and organize production accordingly.

Why choose SAP and partners

 as the world's leading management software manufacturer, sap has the best business practices in the packaging industry;

• SAP ERP lightweight application, which integrates multiple business components, can meet Talon's key business needs and go online quickly.

Benefits of digital transformation

• the system automatically extracts historical data to judge the reputation of customers, reducing the impact of human factors;

• with the help of sap to straighten out the production process, cost accounting becomes simple and effective. The system can automatically organize production according to the production process route and issue the material demand plan to the material supply department, which shortens the working time, makes the determination of delivery time more reliable and greatly reduces delays;

• in terms of material management, Guangzhou Talon not only makes the purchase of materials become based on the market price and the demand of orders, but also the remaining number of materials, the existing status, the picking plan and the material consumption of each project can be displayed intuitively through the system, making material management more simple and effective;

• in terms of data analysis, the data generated in each business process can be reflected in the data of the financial system and the cost control center, which makes it possible for the management of Guangzhou Tailun to immediately understand the production and operation status, which not only speeds up the market response speed of Guangzhou Tailun, but also strengthens the enterprise's risk aversion ability.

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