ASC Fine Wines Co., Ltd
ASC Fine Wines Co., Ltd
Products and Services:Import and export of wine and wine sets
Headquarters: Shanghai, China
Employees: 1000+
Annual revenue:-
Financial and business integration rate
Business process processing efficiency improvement
Overall operational efficiency improvement
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ASC fine wines uses SAP ERP to build a real-time business management system!
Customer Overview

被世界葡萄酒评论界的泰斗人物罗伯特• 帕克先生誉为“ 中国精品葡萄酒进口行业的翘楚” 的ASC精品酒业在扎根中国的十八载始终高瞻远瞩,位于中国进口葡萄酒行业的尖端。来自美国的圣皮尔父子坚信中国进口葡萄酒业将会蓬勃发展,圣皮尔家族以其远见卓识于1996年创立ASC,之后公司规模日益壮大,其独家进口及经销来自14个国家100多个酒庄1200多种精品佳酿,为消费者提供广泛全面的选择和无与伦比的上乘品质,且产品销量以平均每年50%的速度高速增长。位于北京、上海、深圳、厦门、广州、成都、澳门及香港的八个温控仓库的及时配送,确保了ASC产品能够百分之百按照客户个性化要求,以最理想的条件及时送达客户手中。 ASC精品酒业在中国大陆,香港及澳门地区拥有1000多位优秀员工。

Business challenges and objectives

In order to further improve management and operation level and increase market share, ASC implemented SAP ERP solution. ASC's requirement for the data system is not only to provide timely and flexible query and analysis, but also to provide complex reports in line with ASC. Through the implementation of the information system, transinfo collects data from multiple sources, and then uses the key enterprise data related to the company's finance, sales, customers, inventory, production and operation to generate real-time and accurate reports, optimize business processes, improve management mechanisms, and strengthen the integrated management from the market and sales front end to procurement, supply, production and finance.

Why choose SAP and partners
Mature management system and clear development goals. In terms of information management, ASC pays more attention to:

• sap has served the vast majority of the world's top 500 enterprises, and ASC is trustworthy in both brand and service;

• transinfo consulting team is professional and responsible, and its unique understanding of the industry helps ASC fine wine industry save operating costs.

Benefits of digital transformation
Transinfo helps ASC realize real-time business association, data standardization and business financial integration:

 in terms of inventory, ASC monitors the inventory level and tracks the inventory transfer of the warehouse in real time. ASC has high requirements for the accuracy of inventory of all products. Therefore, based on SAP ERP solution, Scripps helps ASC develop the total inventory table, available inventory table, booking list and loss reporting library, and update the inventory of all products of all branches in real time and check the available inventory;

• in sales, reconciliation report and sales analysis function: because ASC has many customers, salespeople need to reconcile their customers in time. The system can provide the general ledger of a customer, or the general ledger of a group customer, or query the details of an order;

• in terms of procurement, Scripps helps ASC analyze the procurement plan of products, and automatically calculate the number of procurement plans for each time by considering ASC's historical sales data, existing inventory, in transit by sea and the expected sales growth ratio;

• for finance, skepps helped ASC realize the cost sharing of freight and tariff, and has the function of freight and tariff sharing for the import industry. For the same ship number or goods number, the freight cost is allocated by piece; The increased tariff cost for each product is included in the cost of the product, and the invoice for freight and tariff is automatically generated.

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