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Huidong Industrial Co., Ltd
Plastic Hardware
Products and Services:Research and development, production, and sales of plastic toys, stationery, and daily necessities
Headquarters: Dongguan, Guangdong
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Digital transformation of manufacturing industry, using SAP ERP to achieve global manufacturing collaboration for Huidong Industry!
Customer Overview

YEKO Group was founded in 1976. After the business split in 1987, Yeko Manufacturing Ltd (1995) and Yeko Trading Ltd (1992) were established. When Yeko Manufacturing was founded, it was a hard toy factory, while Yeko Trading continued to focus on trading business. In the past decade, YEKO has increased its expertise in manufacturing and exporting to overseas markets including toys, household products, promotional products, and ODM/OEM designs. 

Our headquarters in Hong Kong provides us with an extensive communication network, enabling us to provide better services to valuable customers around the world. In addition, most of our products are located in Dongguan, Chinese Mainland, Guangdong Province.

Business Challenges and Objectives
In order to strengthen group control and facilitate cross-border collaboration between factories in Dongguan and Vietnam, as well as improve information silos caused by multiple systems such as financial and business systems:

• Financial management and business processing systems are independent of each other, and business data between different business departments cannot be centralized and summarized in the financial system. The Hong Kong headquarters cannot timely obtain various business data, which affects the company's decision-making;

• The collaboration between the Hong Kong headquarters, Dongguan factory, and Vietnam factory requires an efficient and online system to ensure high-speed business processing and avoid delayed order execution and delivery caused by poor communication.

Why choose SAP and partners

• In the past 40 years, SAP has accumulated strong technical experience in global manufacturing informatization and Industry 4.0;

• SAP ERP has a complete business chain and a cloud based deployment platform, which can ensure the rapid growth of Yigao Group's business.

Benefits of digital transformation

• In SAP ERP, Huidong Industrial's supply chain, finance, production and other business components are fully integrated, connecting data between various business systems, achieving integrated financial and business management, and improving the work efficiency of various business departments;

• Effective management of planning and execution is achieved, thereby establishing a digital and visual production operation platform. The Hong Kong headquarters can develop effective procurement and production plans based on orders, and can timely obtain the order execution status of Dongguan and Vietnam factories;

• A unified and efficient solution that consolidates the Hong Kong headquarters, Dongguan factory, and Vietnam factory on one platform. A timely and efficient information collaboration platform helps Huidong Industry expand its business steadily and rapidly, and improve customer experience.

"In the process of our global business expansion, the launch of SAP ERP has laid the groundwork for our development. Our headquarters' collaboration efficiency with factories has significantly improved by 70%, further improving the feedback efficiency of orders and enhancing customer satisfaction."

Jeffrey Chan | CEO,Huidong Industrial Co., Ltd(Yeko Group)
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