Favour Light Co.,LTD.
Favour Light Co.,LTD.
Plastic Hardware
Products and Services:Research and development, production of various flashlights and industrial lighting fixtures.
Headquarters: Hong Kong, China
Website: www.favorlight.com
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Financial Business Integration
Workshop efficiency improvement
Delayed delivery reduction
Real time
Order response efficiency
Favor Light leverages SAP ERP to establish an integrated platform for production and sales collaboration!
Customer Overview

Favor Light is headquartered in Hong Kong and has a wholly-owned production base in Dongguan, China. The factory covers an area of 420000 square feet and is divided into production and dormitory areas. It has a skilled fleet of over 1500 workers, as well as advanced mechanical equipment and other facilities, with an average monthly production capacity of 600000. 

Over the years, Favor Light has made significant investments in updating and enhancing its ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2015 production factories.

Business Challenges and Objectives

• Realize collaboration between the factory and overseas sales branches, provide real-time feedback on the execution status of orders, and ensure delivery time;

• An integrated management platform that connects the supply chain, manufacturing workshop, and finance, and facilitates production and sales collaboration;

• Enhance the management and control of the production process, and achieve comprehensive and refined production management;

• Establish a data analysis system, where senior management can make decisions based on data.

Why choose SAP and partners

• SAP is a leading global manufacturer of manufacturing information technology;

• TransInfo has rich implementation experience in the manufacturing industry;

Benefits of digital transformation

• We have established an integrated financial and business management system, integrating sales branches, factories, suppliers, customers, and logistics into one platform, further optimizing the management efficiency of various business departments. The automated SAP system is gradually replacing manual input, standardizing business operations;

• Enhanced management and control of the production process, including business modules such as MRP, capacity analysis, scheduling, dispatching, material preparation, issuing, returning, and quality management, achieving comprehensive and refined production management;

• Based on an integrated financial and business platform, a multi-dimensional report analysis system has been established through integrated business data, providing a solid data decision-making foundation for the senior management of Favor Light.

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